Andrae Crouch's Bio

Andrae Crouch is one of the most renowned and widely respected pioneers of contemporary gospel music.  Crouch’s style includes classic gospel music elements such as call-and-response and choir, which he combines with pop songwriting techniques and production.  Born July 1, 1942, in Pacoima, CA, Crouch started his musical journey at his father’s church, singing and playing piano.  He was composing his own songs before the age of 10, even though he was self-taught.  He formed his first serious gospel group during the 1960’s, “Andrae Crouch and the Disciples”, and released “This is Another Day” in 1977.

Crouch toured around the globe including Europe, Africa, the Far East and the U.S., and collaborated with acclaimed artists Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, and Madonna.  He has received nine Grammy Awards, an Academy Award nomination, and provided film scores to The Lion King and Free Willy.  He was inducted into the Gospel Hall of Fame in 1998.