Jose Negroni's Bio

Originally from Puerto Rico, accomplished pianist and composer Jose Negroni has earned recognition in the world of Jazz. A follower of the legendary multi-instrumentalist salsa and Latin Jazz great, Papo Lucca, Negroni’s career spans over 16 years as a teacher in his island’s Music Conservatory. His talent then took him to the United States where he worked as Director for Sony Music Publishing for ten years. 

In 2002 he created Negroni’s Trio, a truly amazing combination where jazz, classic lyricism, and Afro Latin styles merge. Negroni’s Trio consists of his son Nomar Negroni, a gifted and powerful drummer, and alternating guest bass players including John Benítez, Marco Panascia, Michael Bordelon and Jonathan Estes, amongst others. 

Having studied at the famed Berklee College of Music, Nomar’s career also includes sessions with various great jazz and pop artists, and he recently was nominated as 2008 Best Drummer of the Year by The Latin Jazz Corner.

Throughout his journey, Negroni performed with Apollo Sound and was the featured pianist with La Sonora Ponceña when his mentor, the famed Papo Lucca, was unavailable to perform.  Negroni established a successful career as a director, producer and pop music arranger while touring as pianist and director with numerous multinational artists. 

In between recording sessions and teaching at Miami Dade College’s Latin Jazz Institute, Negroni’s Trio’s touring schedule includes Java Jazz Festival (Indonesia), Vivamerica Festival (Spain), Heineken Jazz Festival (Puerto Rico) and many more.

The audiences of Negroni’s Trio are captivated by their classic lyricism, innovative and fresh piano improvisations - in both standard as well as original repertoire. They repeatedly electrify audiences with the energy and synergy that is transmitted during their live idyllic performances.