Carl Sauter, IV

After the retirement of Carl Sauter, III in 1993, economist Otto Hott (1940-) purchases the majority shares and leads the company together with Carl Sauter, IV (1952-) who remains a shareholder and is responsible for company sales. This dynamic partnership marked further expansion across the world and new innovations.  Many artists across the world fall in love with what they consider to be the finest piano available from one of best and the oldest manufacturers in the world. A friendship between Peter Maly, German star designer and design world trend setter, leads to the creation of the Peter Maly Design Line. Customers react enthusiastically and the Maly Design pianos become a standard for special design instruments in the industry. The company develops the Orpheus Concert Grand incorporating diamonds in the string design to refine and further enrich its sound.

After almost 200 year, Sauter Piano Company today stand as the oldest and yet most modern company in the world. It is prepared to continue its musical journey into next 200 years and committed to bring to its customers the very best there is.