The Sauter 275 Diamond Orpheus (9’) is the Concert Grand above all others. The amazing rich tone and sound projection start with carefully selected materials which are then hand crafted by German artisans who average 25 years Sauter experience. New patented innovations and designs take this amazing instrument to a new level. The sparkling treble starts with Titanium hitch pins, bridge pins and moveable aliquots on a Titanium base. Then PCD- Poly-Crystalline Diamond – is applied to both the front and back sides of the Duplex Titanium Bar with HTHP – High Temperature / High Pressure - process. The newly designed bass bridge is Mahogany with an Ebony wood cap. Beauty in sound emerges from the harmonious interaction of all its components.

Model: Concert 275 Orpheus
PDF: Download Spec. Sheet
Category: Grand Pianos